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Digital Marketing

PPC Forecaster

Estimate the performance of your PPC campaigns based on budget, benchmarks and website conversion rates to estimate overall ROI

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Impression Estimator

Estimate how many advertising impressions you can serve in each paid media channel using your monthly ad spend and baseline industry costs

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ROAS Calculator

Calculate the return on ad spend (ROAS) of your advertising campaign by channel or tactic to see how campaigns are performing

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CPM Calculator

A quick calculator to calculate your average CPM based on ad spend and impressions, or calculate estimated impressions from CPM

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CTR Calculator

This click-through rate (CTR) calculator will help calculate the rate of people who click on an ad when they are served an ad impression

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CPC Calculator

Calculate the cost-per-click of your advertising campaigns by channel or tactic to help evaluate the performing of your advertising spend

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CPA Calculator

Calculate the cost-per-acquisition, conversion, lead, downloads and more based on advertising spend to analyze performance

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Markup Calculator

Calculate margin, revenue and net profit based on your cost of goods and markup percentage to ensure proper pricing and profit

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Margin Calculator

Calculate margin, markup and net profit based on your cost of goods and gross revenue to ensure proper pricing and profits

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Percent Change

Calculate percent change from the starting value to the ending value of two numbers

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