Pay-Per-Click Performance Calculator With Industry Benchmarks


Performance Calculator

Use this calculator too estimate the performance of your paid search (PPC) campaigns using your monthly budget, industry benchmarks and your website conversion rate to estimate overall return on investment.

Glossary of
Paid Media Terms

Spend: Spend is your net advertising costs. This does not include your management fees, creative or anything else.

Impressions: Impressions are the amount of times your ad appeared, or were shown, in the given channel.

Click-through Rate (CTR): CTR is the rate at which your impressions turn into clicks. Clicks / Impressions = CTR

Clicks: Clicks are the amount of people who clicked on, or took an action on your ad. Clicks are often also viewed as website visitors.

Cost-per-click (CPC): Cost-per-click is the average amount you pay per click on your ad. Spend / Clicks = CPC

Leads: Leads, or conversions, is the total volume of leads or conversion actions attributed to your ad spend.

Lead Rate: Lead Rate, or conversion rate, is the rate at which a click turns into a conversion action such as a lead form submission. Leads / Clicks = Lead Rate

Cost / Lead: Cost-per-lead is the average amount of advertising spend invested per resulting lead or conversion. Spend / Leads = Cost Per Lead

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