Paid Search Advertising (PPC) Services & Support in Phoenix, AZ

Paid Search (PPC) Advertising

Increase Online Sales

Appear at the top of Google search results for high-quality, high-volume search terms designed to drive new website visitors, leads and sales.

With a winning paid search strategy your business will enter the purchase path of customers searching for what you offer at the moment they are most likely to transact.

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Appear at the top of the search results for in-demand keywords across each major search network.

What It Looks Like

paid search and ppc company in phoenix arizona
  • Deep Keyword Analysis
  • Defined Keyword Groupings
  • Competitor Search Analysis
  • Higher Click-Through Rates
  • Lower Cost-Per-Click
  • Increased Online Conversions

How We'll Do It

keyword analysis for ppc


Deep keyword analysis is done to determine keyword search volume, competition levels and estimated cost-per-click. With this research we will develop our keyword ad groupings, write corresponding ad copy and allocate budget across keyword groupings with the most opportunity for success.

analyzing search engine competitors

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis will be performed to determine which competitors are appearing in paid search slots, what keywords they are paying for, and their estimated monthly spend. With this insight, we will be able to make informed decisions about where to capture market share and drive online conversions.

proper account structure


Based on a budget allocation and keyword ad groupings, we will develop an optimal account setup featuring properly defined campaigns, ad groupings, keyword sets, ad copy, landing pages and proper bidding strategies. This will create a foundation for accelerated learnings, optimizations and clear measurement.

paid search lead and conversion strategy

Ongoing Measurement

Through a real-time reporting dashboard we will easily determine key insights including top performing campaigns, ad copy, keywords, demographics, geography, competitor data and more. This measurement strategy will create a platform of continuous measurement, optimizations and ongoing performance improvements.

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