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Social Media Advertising

Increase Website Traffic

Utilize audience segments built on in-depth customer interests, behaviors and activity to drive real customers at a fraction of the cost of your competition.

Reach your customers where they are spending the majority of their day - any platform, any time.

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Stay in front of your target audience as they move across their favorite social platforms.

What It Looks Like

  • In-depth Audience Segments
  • Past Website Visitor Retargeting
  • Increased Social Followings
  • Online Community Growth
  • Increase in Return Website Visits
  • Significant Website Visitor Growth

How We'll Do It

Social media audience development

Audience Development

Using behavior and interest data provided by the social media platforms, data you’ve collected, as well lookalike audience modeling, we'll develop high-quality audience segments and align these audience segments to ad creative, copy and landing pages. This detailed targeting strategy forms the backbone of our social media campaigns.

proper account structure for social media ads

Placement Selection

Based on our audience segments, we will research the top performing ad placements based on your goals. These include image ads, videos, reels, story ads, catalog ads and more. Each placement type excels at driving specific metrics, and this process will ensure we’re using the placements ideal for driving the results you want.

ongoing optimization of social media ads

Ongoing Optimization

As ads begin to serve to your audience, we'll continually monitor performance to identify top performing audience segments, copy, creative and ad placement types. With this insight, we'll develop an ongoing testing framework to test and iterate frequently, removing low performers and increasing the velocity of top performing ads.

measuring social media ad performance

Ongoing Measurement

We'll go beyond the basic metrics to develop and align on a measurement strategy designed to not only achieve your goals, but also form a larger story of how your social media advertising is impacting your overall business growth. In-depth website tagging and event triggering will be implemented allowing us to see the full customer journey.

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