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Streaming TV & Audio Advertising

Increase Brand Trust

Combine the impact of TV & Radio advertising with the power of digital targeting, optimization and measurement to deliver results at massive scale.

With in-depth audience segmentation and targeting, deliver high-impact TV and Audio ads to the living rooms, vehicles, offices and devices in a more cost-effective manner.

Be Seen and Heard

Reach cord-cutters and put your business in front of captive audiences anywhere they stream.

And all major streaming platforms

What It Looks Like

streaming tv and audio advertising in phoenix, arizona
  • Reach Cord-cutters
  • Prime-time Networks & Shows
  • Premium Audience Targeting
  • Access to In-home Advertising
  • Post-Ad Activity Tracking
  • Increased Brand Trust

How We'll Do It

connected tv and steaming audio audiences

Audience Development

We'll take advantage of over 200 data partnerships to unlock best-in-class audience data, reducing costs and increasing campaign efficiencies by eliminating wasted impressions and ensuring your ads are being served to only your target audience. These audiences will be activated and targeted across your ad campaigns.

budget allocation between streaming services

Placement Selection

Based on our audience development, we'll choose the best networks, shows, devices, platforms and more to integrate your business into your audiences’ everyday routines in a distraction-free environment. A proper mix of streaming tv and audio will be developed to ensure we can reach audiences as they move across devices, shows, and networks.

campaign management and delivery monitoring


Post-campaign launch, we'll continue monitoring ad delivery on an ongoing basis to ensure proper ad delivery across TV and audio, networks, devices and more. This monitoring ensures that campaigns spend within their allocated budgets and also that the budget spends in the most cost-efficient manner, maximizing the overall investment.

measurement strategy for streaming tv and audio

Ongoing Measurement

We’ll go beyond the views and listens to properly measure and evaluate these upper-funnel tactics across the whole business. Through our reporting dashboard we’ll monitor lift in brand name searches, referral traffic, direct traffic and more. This out of funnel measurement will allow us to better quantity streaming investment.

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