An alternative to the legacy advertising agency model

Fast growing businesses demand quality, speed and performance from their advertising programs. But, businesses find themselves stuck dealing with slow, expensive legacy advertising agencies - relics of the past developed in a bygone era, ill-suited for today's fast-paced digital landscape.

The Direct-To-Expert advertising model is built for fast-growing businesses by removing the layers of bureaucracy and offering one-on-one consultation between businesses and the award-winning advertising talent it takes to execute advertising campaigns that actually get results.

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Your entire advertising program efficiently managed under one roof

Drive performance by consolidating your entire advertising program under one roof, streamlining audience targeting, data management, attribution, reporting and ensuring every media channel is fully optimized with your most important goals in mind.


Unleash the power of TV and radio advertising with the power of digital targeting

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Increase brand awareness and reach new audiences with over 200 data partners

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Connect with your ideal audience across any social media platform

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Maximize your online potential by appearing at the top of paid search results

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The Direct-To-Expert Model

A better model for businesses that value speed, quality and performance

Gone are the days of dealing with account managers and project managers who can't answer your questions. Talk directly to the person who is making the decisions on your account, any time you need to.

Stop letting agencies hand your account off to interns and junior-level talent so they can increase their profit margins. Go direct-to-expert and work only with award-winning talent backed by decades of experience.

Remove the layers of bureaucracy and decision-making surrounding your account, leverage battle-tested operating procedures and modern technologies to drive results, faster than ever before.

Don't get locked into long-term agency contracts, confusing pricing models and constant nickel-and-diming everytime you need something. Move to a flat 15% management fee, cancel anytime Direct-To-Expert model.

Oh, how quickly your agency moved you from shiney new object to an old neglected client. With a thoughtful and intentional approach to selecting clients, the Direct-To-Expert model ensures your business is never forgotten and your results are always top-of-mind.

Bridging the gap between
businesses and performance

Business stakeholders juggle an overwhelming amount of in-house roles, lack time and have limited internal support, making it the agencies job to work fast, lighten the load and show results. But in most cases that isn't happening. Enter the Direct-To-Expert model.


Clients are currently being evaluated for Q2, 2024 launch dates. Please send us a message if you're a new or returning client looking to kickoff during the March to May, 2024 timeframe.

With over 10 years in agencies big and small, the answer is absolutely yes. Traditional agencies often rely on entry-level marketers and introduce multiple layers, such as account coordinators, supervisors, directors, and more, between you and the person responsible for executing your deliverables. Unfortunately, this approach can slow down the process, limit transparency, and compromise the overall quality of delivery. Most importantly, it can be incredibly frustrating for clients like you.

This business was started with the explicit goal of solving the challenges businesses have with the old agency model by removing the layers of communication, offering only the highest level of performance and utilizing the most modern tools, technology and data available to advertisers.

See the first question in this FAQ. This business was started with the goal of working with only fast-growing, ambitious brands who are willing to take risks in order to realize outsized results from their advertising programs. In order to do this, it's necessary to limit the amount of clients who are actively engaged with the business. This is why we run a waitlist which we use to evaluate fit, opportunity and future growth potential of the businesses we partner with.

In the rare case that an existing client isn't a good fit for the direct-to-expert model we will ask to end the relationship early, opening up our waitlist ahead of schedule.

Client communication is handled as needed and each client has a direct line to talk directly with the person actually executing their campaigns by email, phone or SMS. All vital campaign insights are proactively communicated, questions addressed immediately and performance metrics available at all times.

With close to 15 years of hands on experience in digital marketing, a collection of awards and accolades including American Marketing Association's 2023 Best Digital Marketing Campaign, we are able to confidently stake our claim that we will meet, and in most cases, exceed every freelancer or agency we are matched against.

Most agencies lock you into 12-month contracts with additional language around billable hours, cancellation policies, technology and platform fees, and more unfavorable terms. We don't have any contracts or cancellation terms. Our belief is that if we find ourselves in a position where one of our clients wants to leave, we deserve to be fired and that's on us.

Our management fee is a flat 15% of monthly net advertising spend with no additional costs, billable hours, CPM, platform or technology fees. What shows up in the proposal is what shows up on the monthly invoice.

Ready for a Change?

Your business is too important to be managed by old, slow out-of-touch agencies, ill-fit for the modern digital era. It's time to make the change and go Direct-To-Expert.

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