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Unconsidered is a podcast that explores the psychology of the modern entrepreneur, business owner, marketer and organizational leader. Using modern research, Dallas McLaughlin helps his listeners explore the unconsidered psychology impacting our day-to-day decision making and uses that insight to develop frameworks, brain hacks, mental shortcuts and explores game theory thought exercises to help entrepreneurs overcome their emotions, outthink the competition and lead more efficient businesses, better equipped to scale through increased brand awareness, sales and revenue.

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Full Transcripts Available for Each Episode

  • Episode 1: Sunk Costs & Escalation Traps
  • Episode 2: Decoy Pricing & Attraction Effect
  • Episode 3: Scope Insensitivity & Neglect
  • Episode 4: Paradox of Choice & Differentiation
  • Episode 5: Multitasking & Switching Costs
  • Episode 6: Scarcity & Demand
  • Episode 7: Incentives & Motivation
  • Episode 8: Endowment Effect & Status Quo Bias
  • Episode 9: Expectations & Self-Fulling Prophecies: What We Expect Is What We Get
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