Sportiqe is a modern American comfort brand that is committed to delivering elevated basics using premium fabrics, innovative on-trend designs and fashionable fits that not only look and feel good, but provide superior comfort no matter where you roam.


Working with Sportiqe, we were able to develop a sustainable first-time shopper online acquisition program that resulted in a 34% increase in website visitors, 91% increase in website transactions, 43% increase in online transaction rates and 94% increase in online revenue.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Search Ads
  • Full-Funnel Reporting & Analysis

The Challenge

Sportiqe is an online only, eCommerce clothing retailer created out of the wholesale business of Sportiqe Wholesale. Sportiqe's wholesale business is known globally for exceptional quality materials and produces licensed clothing for some of the world's largest brands including Peloton, Nintendo, WWE, NBA and many, many more. While millions of people are walking around in Sportiqe clothing, most of these clothing items are not branded with the Sportiqe brand.

Sportiqe, sitting on some of the best quality clothing available, set out to build their direct-to-consumer, online retail business. In order to compete with more established online clothing retailers, it was essential that Sportiqe was able to develop a sustainable new shopper acquisition program.

During our initial discussions, we were quick to land on a few mission critical objectives:

  • We needed a deep understanding of online buyer demographics, psychographics and interests
  • Deep-keyword analysis was required to ensure proper keyword coverage
  • A complete search engine audit and implementation across Shopify was needed
  • A paid social strategy targeting new buyers and returning buyers was needed to drive new and return purchases
  • A high return on ad spend Google Search and Shopping program was needed as the main sales driver
  • A full reporting and analytics suite was required, including real-time reporting

The Strategy

While historical buyer data was initially limited, we performed a deep-analysis of all existing buyer data. This information was exported from existing databases and merged with other data sources such as email opt-in lists. Once we had a consolidated view of historical buyer data, we were able to feed this data into a variety of data warehouses to develop deep buyer personas segmented by age, gender, income, geography, credit card transactional data, interests, hobbies and more.

After our shopper data was analyzed and segmented, we conducted a comprehensive keyword analysis of the competitive landscape. This information helped us understand more about the buyer intent including which keywords signaled interest, which keywords were purely research based, and what the primary sales driving keywords were. This information was used to build a coverage map comparing Sportiqe to the nearest competitors in order understand gaps and opportunities in the market. Based on this insight, we were able to develop a content marketing strategy across our primary keywords to ensure Sportiqe was a part of the buyer journey from the start of the process through the transaction.

A complete analysis, audit and search engine optimization implementation was performed across Sportiqe's Shopify platform. This ensured a high-performing website from a technical perspective, while also ensuring all of our primary keywords had proper coverage throughout the site.

Using Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalog, we created real-time product feeds containing all product availability and variants. This allowed us to quickly and strategically build, launch and test ads based on real-time inventory signals, promotions, visitor abandonments and more. This created a high-velocity program focused on attracting first-time buyers, re-engaging past buyers to increase return purchases, and retargeting abandoned shoppers to secure potentially lost revenue.

All advertising platforms, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Shopify and organic social media platforms fed their data into a live reporting dashboard powered by Looker. This gave us a consolidated, real-time view across the whole business. With this we were able to quickly determine which paid elements were driving transactions, which organic pieces were driving engagement and how individual products were performing. With this level of visibility we were able to quickly adapt to opportunities as their presented themselves in the market.

The Results

Working closely with the Sportiqe team, we were able to collaborate in real-time and produce outstanding year over year numbers including a 34% increase in website visitors, 91% increase in website transactions, 43% increase in transaction rates and 94% increase in online revenue. This program has continued to optimize and drive performance for over two-years at the time of this case study.


Increase in Website Visitors


Increase in Website Transactions


Increase in Transaction Rates


Increase in Online Revenue

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