Be A Heart is committed to creating products that bring hope and light into the everyday. Be A Heart designs beautiful, quality pieces that you'll love to gift for every occasion. Launched in 2015, Be A Heart is the leading retailer of modern Catholic lifestyle goods.


Working with Be A Heart, we were able to develop an agile, high-performing paid media program based on granular audience segmentation, resulting in a 71% improvement in click-through rates, 60% decrease in cost-per-click, 38% decrease in cost-per-sale and 76% increase in return on ad spend.


  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Google Search & Shopping Ads
  • Full-Funnel Reporting & Analysis

The Challenge

Like many eCommerce brands, Be A Heart realizes nearly 50% of their annual revenue over the holiday shopping season - November through December. Be A Heart was seeking a new paid media partner in 2022 that could help them accomplish:

  • An agile and adaptable ad account structure to quickly launch and test new ads
  • An ongoing media plan, able to quickly add and reallocate dollars to top campaigns
  • An accessible partner able to launch and test new campaigns in a high-paced environment
  • A high-performing, efficient media program with continuously improving metrics
  • Strict and accurate reporting and measurement strategy, delivered in a visual real-time dashboard
  • Increase overall sales volume, revenue and return on ad spend

While previous paid media providers treated all sales equally, it was essential that the new paid media partner was capable of developing a cost-effective, high return on ad spend campaign focused primarily on first-time, incremental sales, rather than leaning on brand name search queries for results.

The Strategy

Our first-step in developing a 2022 media plan began in June of 2022 with a complete account audit, a review of all historical media performance and a consumer behavioral analysis. Through this research we were able to analyze top performing channels and tactics, which was used to inform overall budget allocation and seasonal flighting.

Going deeper, we analyzed top performing behavioral demographic and psychographic details such as age, gender, income, locations, times of day shoppers were most active, days of the week, device usage, in-market audience segments and top affinities of past shoppers. This level of detail allowed us to create granular audience segments for who we could align to proper messaging, creative and products.

Next, we developed a 12-month media plan which broke down spend by channel, tactic, audience, week of the year - and aligned each of these to product launches, seasonal promotions and other micro-moments throughout the year.

Prior to campaign launch, we rebuilt the paid media account architecture from the ground up in a manner that would allow us to quickly launch and test new campaigns, products, creative and messaging. This updated account architecture also gave us much better visibility into top performing campaigns and products, allowing for even faster campaign iterations.

Audience segmentation was completed utilizing existing first-party data to retarget past shoppers, model lookalike audiences similar to past shoppers, retarget abandoned carts, as well as target first-time shoppers based on third-party interest, behavior and in-market audience segmentation data.

Lastly, we got into the market early, launching our fully redeveloped media plan in July of 2022. This allowed us to gain an early understanding of our top audience cohorts, top performing products, top messaging and creative. Most importantly, this allowed us to build brand awareness, drive early opt-ins, and fill our retargeting pools prior to the holiday shopping season, allowing us to aggressively retarget a large audience of past website visitors and past shoppers when it mattered most.

The Results

Leaning heavily into our initial audience segmentation research, as well as ongoing real-time performance monitoring, we were able to drive significant year-over-year performance improvements, without the use of branded term performance. Specifically during the holiday shopping season, we were able to reduce cost-per-thousand impressions by 32% by eliminating wasted impressions, increase click-through rates by 71% due to improvements in audience targeting, resulting in a 60% decrease in cost-per-click, 38% reduction in cost-per-sale, and a 76% increase in return on ad spend.


Increase in Click-Through Rate


Decrease in Cost Per Click


Decrease in Cost/Sale


Increase in ROAS

From The Client

"Our return on ad spend had greatly declined with the changes to iOS. While my previous team boasted results, I noticed that the brand exact search was skewing the results. I wanted our paid advertising to reach new customers. Dallas was recommended to me as the best of the best. The results blew us away. We were able to spend less and make more than previous years."

Erica Campbell

Founder, Be A Heart

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