Written January 6, 2014

There’s a compass in your gut and it points only two directions: Exciting and Draining.

Too many times in my life I haven’t trusted the compass in my gut. I’ve pursued relationships, jobs, adventures, opportunities – you name it – that my gut told me not to waste my time with. There’s been a number of times where everything in my mind, heart, and gut were screaming, “Don’t do it!”, but I did anyway.

Why is that? Why do we, you and I, allow ourselves to pursue something we have no interest in? We only have a finite amount of time on this planet. Why waste it doing something that doesn’t excite you?

I’m going to challenge myself, and all of you, that when faced with a decision, look to the compass in your gut. Is it something that is going to drain you of your time, motivation, and resources? Or is it something so exciting that you can’t wait to get started on it and spend every waking breath pursing it?

From now on, when someone asks “Wanna do this?”, it’s either, “Hell yes!” or “No.” There is no in between.


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