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Your Customers Aren’t Dumb. You Just Aren’t Paying Attention.

  • By Dallas McLaughlin
  • November 13, 2016

Your hotel features the most recently renovated rooms in the market. But no one is staying.
Your restaurant celebrates local flavors and carries the freshest ingredients. But no one is coming.
Your service is top of the line and your guarantees are industry leading. But no one is calling.
It’s not that your customer is dumb or doesn’t understand your excellence. They do.
It’s not that your customers don’t want recently renovated rooms, fresh ingredients and guaranteed services. They do.
It’s just that your customer’s inhibiting pressures are outweighing their promoting pressures.
Promoting pressures are what makes customers want to pay for a service, product or experience. They make the decision maker feel good.
Inhibiting pressures are the little voices talking your customers out of the sale. They make the decision maker feel bad.
Whichever pressure is the highest at the time of the decision will decide which decision the customer makes.

This hotel is the highest rated hotel in the area, it features the most recently renovated rooms in the market, but it’s a long ways from the event center and it’s expensive.

Can you spot the promoting and inhibiting pressures in this single thought process?

This restaurant is a local favorite, it features fresh ingredients, but it’s kind of loud, a little dark and doesn’t have many options for my kids.

We experience this every day, with every decision we make whether consciously or subconsciously. Micro or macro. Thousands of times per day. About 35,000 times a day, actually.
Want that extra donut in the morning? It’ll taste great, but all those calories…
Every one of your customers has a built-in set of promoting and inhibiting pressures and it is your job as the business owner to acknowledge the inhibiting pressures and build a case towards the promoting pressures.

If you want the fastest and lowest cost service, call the big box guys. If you want the highest quality service with the best guarantee in the industry – call us.

Again, your customers aren’t dumb. Your business is just promoting a set of pressures that aren’t outweighing the pressures inhibiting your customers decision making.

Dallas McLaughlin

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