Failure! Certain Failure

Failure! Certain Failure.

Written by Dallas McLaughlin

Last week I wrote a blog that no one liked or shared.
Over the last couple of months, I’ve spent 109 hours on an SEO audit and proposal for a project we lost to another agency.
Last year I ran the social media marketing campaign of a political candidate that lost.
All major failures.
Of course the lesson here is that not everything you do is going to succeed. That’s impossible. It’s certain that at some point you’re going to fail.
At the same time, it’s unlikely that your project will please no one, and if even one person is moved, or touched, or impacted by your work – is it really a failure?
Once we agree that our work will never please everyone, and will never please no one, then we can agree that success and failure are merely points on the same spectrum. Then, once we realize that everything we do will both succeed and fail in some aspect, it’s a lot easier to focus on the impact of the work instead.

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- Dallas McLaughlin