11 Facebook Graph Searches You Need To Know

11 Facebook Graph Searches You Need To Know

Written by Dallas McLaughlin

Published: May 16, 2014

For years that little search box pinned to the top of Facebook was just to find your friends. But in January of 2013 Facebook quietly unleashed one of the most powerful search engines we’ve ever seen. The funny thing is, 95% of Facebook users never even noticed. As a business owner, marketer, and enthusiast of all things data, I’m here to show you how to use this mighty tool to learn about your fans, or spy on your friends and family. Truly knowing and understanding your fans gives you the upper hand on your competitors when it comes to creating targeted ads and content.
Let’s use Five.Oh.Seven. Clothing for the following examples.

1. Pages liked by people who like…

search 1

2. Pages liked by people who like [two pages]…

Now, let’s add a second qualifier.
search 2

3. Favorite interests of people who like…

These are important to know if you invest in any paid Facebook ads. These would be the things you’d use to “target” your ad.
search 3

4. Groups of people who like…

Maybe you should join some of these groups and start engaging?
search 4

5. Pages liked by people under the age of 25 who like…

Okay, now let’s focus only on people under the age of 25… (this brands target demographic)
search 5

6. Pages liked by women who like…

Or filter by gender!
search 6

7. Favorite interests of women under the age of 25 who live in Rochester, Minnesota and who like…

Seriously… don’t under estimate the power of this.
search 7

8. Places in Rochester, Minnesota visited by people who like…

Well, this about sums up Rochester, Minnesota in four locations.
search 8

9. Restaurants in Rochester, Minnesota visited by people who like…

If you’re a restaurant, you absolutely need to know your competitors.
search 9

10. Movies liked by people who like…

Sure, this may not be particularly helpful for many brands, but what if your brand was in the entertainment business?
search 10

11. Favorite music of people who like…

What if you ran your own music blog, podcast, or Youtube series? Need bands to interview?
search 11

Your Turn

I’ve shown you the way… now you need to think creatively to figure out how to leverage this gold mine of data.

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- Dallas McLaughlin