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Reach a targeted buyer audience and sell your listings faster than ever through our Facebook and Instagram self-service advertising platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Determining the most impactful length depends on overall campaign budget and targeting location. While success can be achieved in as few as 14 days on the Launch Digital Marketing Platform, campaign lengths of 60-90 days - with the appropriate budget - have more time to optimize, improving performance, creating more results per dollar spent.

It's recommended to spend at a minimum $20 per day locally, $40 per day locally with regional feeder markets, and $60 per day with all major national metros included in the targeting. With these minimums in place you can maintain performance for roughly 90 days per campaign. In which case it will likely be time to change creative and copy to refresh the ads.

Congratulations! While the inventory is purchased upfront and we'll be unable to issue a refund for unused ad inventory, it is fairly easy for us to repurpose the ad inventory for another listing or replace the copy and creative with a self-branding campaign if you don't have a listing you'd like to advertise. Please feel free to email me directly at if this happens.

Campaign length can be extended at anytime with minimum increments of 14 days and $250 of additional advertising spend. Please email me directly at if you'd like to extend your campaign.

To make the largest impact, it's recommended that you consolidate your budget to serve more ad impressions to your target audience and avoid spreading your ad spend too thin by targeting too many areas. For example, smaller budgets should only target locally, and plan to spend a minimum of $20 per day. This earns roughly 50 clicks on the ad per day. Doubling this daily budget will double the amount of traffic your ads drive. If you plan to target regional feeder markets you should plan to spend $40 per day, and if you'd like to target all national metros, plan on spending atleast $60 per day.

To simplify the process of creating and launching ads, the campaign budget includes all advertising spend which is used to purchase ad inventory across Google, Facebook and Instagram. The campaign budget will also include credit card payment processing fees, platform technology fees, and a management fee which covers the setup, optimization and reporting of your ads. These additional fees, included in your campaign budget and not an additional cost, range from 12-15% of the total campaign budget amount.

A self-branding campaign allows realtors to use the Launch Digital Marketing Platform home buyer and seller data to promote their own personal brands rather than an individual listing. This option allows realtors to deliver their brand messaging, differentiators, accolades and a call to action leading to their website at scale across Facebook, Instagram and Google. These campaigns create an increase in brand awareness, social followers, first-time website visitors, email opt-ins and more.

The Launch Digital Marketing Platform focuses on delivering ads across Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network. Through Facebook and Instagram we primarily utilize image news feed ads, story ads, and video ads. Google Display ads - also known as banner ads - target high-profile third-party websites and contextually relevant news articles to surround these articles with your banner ad creative, linking to your landing page. These third-party news sources range from local authorities such as and, all the way up to national news sources like, and

While completing the ad request form there is a field titled, "Landing Page." Anytime a potential home buyer or seller is delivered your ad creative and they click on it, this is where they will be taken. It's recommended that you utilize dedicated landing page with a lead form that sends leads directly to you, rather than something like a generic MLS listing.

Through the Launch Digital Marketing Platform it isn't required to have your own prospect list. Our access to 200+ databases allows us to access home buyer intent data in real-time for targeting purposes. However, a targeted prospect list can be utilized to deliver even more targeted ads in addition to our targeting. If you don't have a list and would like to use one, please contact Launch Real Estate directly and they will be able to curate a list through your title company.

When an agent imports a prospect list through the Launch Real Estate platform, this list is imported and anonymized through Facebook's Ads Manager platform. This list is then matched to the corresponding social profiles at a match rate between 50-75%. As long as more than 200 matches are found, these matched profiles will be targeted with your ads.

Each list is labelled with the name of the Realtor who uploaded the list and stored for targeting in the future. This list is only accessible to the agent who uploaded it and is not shared between agents.

Smaller budgets spending between $20 and $40 per day should focus only in the local area. This will ensure that you have enough daily budget to reach potential buyers and sellers multiple times throughout the campaign duration. Realtors spending $40-60 per day will be able to spend enough to make an impact locally and in regional feeder markets. And Realtors spending $60+ per day will have enough of a daily spend to effectively reach into all major metros.

The top performing, most engaged with ads on Facebook and Instagram are ads designed explicitly for the ad placement, to proper ad dimensions. If you're unable to work with a designer to design ads, Facebook does make it possible to utilize high-quality, high-resolution home photos which also perform well. All you need to run ads on Facebook and Instagram is 1-4 photos of the listing uploaded to the Launch Digital Marketing Platform which we will then be able to easily utilize as your ad creative.

The top performing ads contain short ad copy along with a clear call to action. The Primary Text of the ad should be under 125 characters and contain key features and amenities of the listing. It's recommended to include the city and state of the listing if you are advertising nationally. Including the price of the listing in the copy may also pre-qualify prospects even further, avoiding clicks from prospects who don't have the budget to afford the listing.

Headlines are the best place to utilize a call to action such as, "Schedule a tour today!" This helps drive immediate clicks on your ad.

While the Description field only shows rarely, this is an additional opportunity to include a few more details about the home such as, "5 bed, 3.5 bath, 3,750 square feet."

Facebook's transparency changes make it easy to view all advertisements from any company through their Ad Library tool. Within the Ad Library you can type in any competitor, or any of your favorite businesses. If they are running ads you will be able to see them. For example, Launch Real Estate ads can be viewed here.

Once your ad request is recieved, you will receive a link within 1-2 business days containing a preview link for your Facebook and Instagram ads. This will allow you to preview the fully built ad as it will appear across Facebook and Instagram. This will give you an opportunity to request any revisions to the ad as needed. Only once you've approved the ads will they be published to go live.

Please note that Google Display ads do not have an additional approval as the appearance of the ads does not change from what is uploaded to the Launch Digital Marketing Platform.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram ads, Google Display ads require ad creative designed to exact specifications or they will be unable to run. These ads need to be designed and uploaded prior to submitting your ad request. If you do not have your own designer to help create these ads, please reach out directly to Launch Real Estate and they will be able to create these with no additional charge.

While overall ad performance can not be guaranteed, on average the Launch Real Estate platform outperforms all real estate industry benchmarks for social advertising. Historical peformance shows that for every $100 in ad spend, on average Agents can expect to reach 3,500 unique prospects, garnering a 4.75% click-through rate and a $0.45 cost-per-website visitor for a total of 222 website visitors per $100.

Higher quality photography, customize designed ad units, strong ad copy and calls to action all contribute to driving above average performance.

After your ad has been published and live for 2-3 days, you will receive an email containing a link to a live reporting dashboard. This dashboard is updated in real-time, accessible 24/7 and is able to be shared or exported to a PDF as needed. This dashboard will show you a daily breakdown of your spend, ads served, people reached, clicks and cost per click. You will also receive additional data such as where prospects are clicking from, age, gender and devices. This reporting can be used to quantify your own investment and can also be shared with your sellers.

While payment details are collected at the time of the ad request, no payment is taken until you provide final approval to launch the ads after previewing your ads.