Stay at home dad

Written by Dallas McLaughlin

Published: July 6, 2013

Kingston McLaughlin living the dreamSometimes, I feel like calling myself an “entrepreneur” is really just a fancy cover for being a professional stay at home dad. At the end of the day, job #1 is taking care of the monster I’ve created. The rest of my work falls into the white space where he’s either eating, sleeping, or silently breaking something in another room.
Give me a second.” “Almost done.” “NO, NOT THE POWER BUTTON!
These are phrases that are not in his vocabulary, though he hears them every day.
He’s 19-months old, which for the non-parents out there, means we’re about a month into the “terrible twos“. (It starts early)
Usually, when I return a missed phone call I open the conversation with “Sorry I missed you earlier, I was in a meeting.” What they don’t know is that my “meeting” is usually something along the lines of me trying to pin Kingston down so I can change his diaper.
As counter productive as all of this seems, it’s also a lesson in time management. I prioritize the things I can do while he’s awake, and the things I can do while he’s occupied. The quick things like updating social media, checking e-mails, etc., I can do with him tearing around.
The more involved things like web design, graphic design, writing business plans – real brain work – I have to mash into the tiny windows while he’s asleep. If I don’t have a laser focus during these moments, it will never happen.
It sounds like a stressful situation, and it is. It is also very rewarding. When all is said and done, these are moments I am sharing with my son that I will never be able to get back.

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- Dallas McLaughlin