Half Penny Facebook ‘LIKES’ and Episode 6 Wrap Up

Written by Dallas McLaughlin

Published: September 23, 2013

I just wanted to shoot this guide out there that is designed to serve as an outline for the Let’s Talk Business Radio listeners. I’ve been doing a lot of research on what exactly makes a Facebook PPC campaign work. I mean, I’ve always been tuned into this, and every other platform out there, but for the last few weeks I’ve been knee deep if nothing but the Facebook algorithm.
I’ve run a number of a experiments over the past three weeks and this one I feel is worth sharing.
Keep in mind, this was just an experiment and learning experience in itself, but the results were very good and I’d like to give you a quick overview on some of the key elements. Of course, we can’t go into full detail or we’d be here all day. But feel free to leave a comment in the comments section and I’ll get back to you!
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First the results (starting with a brand new Facebook page)

  • 5,238 ‘LIKES’
  • Ad’s ran over a period of 4 days, or 96 hours
  • $23.26 TOTAL ad spend
  • $0.0044 per like, or LESS THAN HALF A PENNY per like.
      • Screenshots at the bottom of this post.

Niche Selection

  • Facebook Sexy vs. Facebook Ugly
    • Sexy = highly viral, highly passionate, and/or controversial.
      • Dirt cheap clicks, less than half penny ‘LIKES’.
    • Ugly = Selling an offline product, opt-in forms, software downloads.
      • More expensive ‘LIKES’, but you are directly turning a profit on sales.
  • This strategy is designed strictly for Facebook Sexy.


  • Once you choose your niche, create a new Facebook Business page.
    • Fill out all of the information and make it look professional.
    • Upload a default picture and cover photo.
    • Post 4-6 previous pieces of content.
    • Schedule 4-6 to automatically post on each day of the campaign.


  • Keyword research
    • Identify the top 5 Google searches for your niche.
    • Take those URL’s, enter them in Google’s Keyword Planner.
    • This will return all keywords that users are searching to find these URL’s, sorted by competition level. Ignore the ‘HIGH‘ competition levels as these will cost more to compete on. Ignore the ‘LOW‘ competition because these are rarely searched and often times irrelevent.
    • Make a list of ‘MEDIUM‘, yet targeted keywords.
  • Identify demographics
    • Take the same URL’s and enter them in either QuantCast.com, or Alexa.com. This will tell you the demographics of the users viewing these URL’s, including gender, age ranges, kids/no kids, education, average household income, and more.
    • Make a list of key countries, gender, and anything else you want to narrow down to.

Ad Image, Headline, and Call to Action

  • My ad image was VERY important.
    • You have to play to human psychology. I simply Googled “Pug Puppy”. I found a image of a cute little Pug Puppy with big droopy eyes. It’s proven humans have an immediate connection and draw to eyes. Then, I chose a thick red stroke to border the whole image. This allows the image to cut through the Facebook clutter and really pop off the page.
  • Ad CopyHow I got less than half cent clicks over 4-days
    • People go crazy trying to come up with headlines and content for their ads. Don’t waste your time. Keep it simple, stupid.
    • My headline = Love Pugs?
    • My tag line (Call to action) = Then ‘LIKE’ us!

Audience & Budget

  • Your audience size is VERY important.
    • Less than 1.5 million = too small in most cases. (I admit mine was 1.36 million in this case study)
    • 1.5 million – 3.0 million = Use a $5 budget
    • 3.0 million – 7.5 million = Use a $10 budget
  • Your budget size is also EXTREMELY important!
    • This is what makes the wheels spin on this whole thing. What will happen is your ad will launch (in the morning hopefully), it will come out of the gate like a race horse and eat up $1-$2 of your budget right away. Facebook will pause the ad and think to itself, “Man, this is a highly engaging ad. We need to optimize this so it lasts all day.” Your ad will go back up live and suddenly you’re getting dirt cheap clicks if you did everything else correctly.


  • Now, you’re asking yourself, “why the hell would Dallas want a Facebook page of 6,000 Pug lovers?” The easy answer is that it was just an experiment. The better answer is that I’ve already begun to monetize and turn a profit off of it.

Check back tomorrow to find out how I turned $23.00 into 5,000+ targeted Facebook ‘LIKES’ in 4 days, and then monetized it!

Screenshots of the actual numbers.

Day 1 Ad

Half Cent Cost Per Like Ad 1

Day 2 Ad

Half Cent Cost Per Like Ad 2

  • Note: I forgot to manually end the ad on Day 2 (for the sake of this test). So it ran over into Day 3 which caused it to repeat the process of “Eating a bunch of my budget” I explained early. A learning experience…
Day 3 Ad

Half Cent Cost Per Like Ad 3

Day 4 Ad

Half Cent Cost Per Like Ad 4

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- Dallas McLaughlin