Do What You Love - Ignore Everything Else

Do What You Love – Ignore Everything Else

Written by Dallas McLaughlin

Published: November 4, 2014

I’ve learned that it’s important in life to not necessarily be strong, but to feel strong. To find yourself at least once in the most primal of conditions with nothing but your hands and your own head to find your way out. To me, the very core of mans spirit comes from new adventures, an ever changing horizon.
My recommendation to anyone reading this is to get rid of any sense of security or comfort in your every day life. Adopt a helter skelter lifestyle that pushes you to the edges. Find out what makes you feel alive. What might seem like a crazy idea right now, might not seem so crazy a year from now. Like the frayed edges of that old hoodie you’ve had since high school, the edges are always moving. Something that is outside of your comfort zone today will quickly become your standard. Then, search for the new edges.
I’m not saying to abandon your family, burn your money and disappear into the woods. What I’m saying, is that if you wanna take a year to travel between high school and college — go do it. If you want to leave your boring office job and become a tour guide in the Amazon — go do it. If you want to get out of retail and create the next billion dollar app — go do it. Lack the skills? Learn them. Can’t learn them? Make friends with someone who can.
Don’t be trapped by the dogma of your parents, or guidance counselors. They didn’t grow up with the opportunities that our generation has. They want what is best for us over the next 5-10 years. And who can blame them? As people that love us, it’s their obligation to advise is on the ways to a secure future based on their life experiences. But that’s the catch, based on their life experience.
My advice is to worry about the last 5-10 years. What are you going to think then? Are you going to be happy that you took your moms advice? Are you going to be happy that you didn’t go to Los Angeles, New York, Miami (where ever it is you want to go…) and take your chance? Are you going to satisfied that you got a job at a nice big corporation when you were 24 and worked there for 50 years?
Like I said in my last article on Medium, the value is in the individuals who solve tomorrows problems – the problems that don’t yet exist – by drawing a new map. The ones trying to solve tomorrows problems playing by yesterdays rules we be rewarded less and less.
I don’t care where you are today, where you were yesterday, what limitations life has placed on you. If you want to do something all you have to do is start. Initiate. Begin. That’s all.

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- Dallas McLaughlin