Driving incremental online sales in a high-paced, high-competition digital environment through paid and organic strategies.

Sportiqe Apparel

Established in 2006, Sportiqe was created to provide on-trend, premium apparel in the destination retail space. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, Sportiqe a global, Modern American Comfort Brand, that is committed to delivering elevated basics using premium fabrics, innovative on-trend designs and fashionable fits that not only look and feel good, but provide superior comfort no matter where you roam. Since its inception, Sportiqe has outfitted more than four million people around the globe partnering with some of the most recognizable brands in the world, such as the NBA, Trek, Nintendo, Warner Bros, Live Nation and Dave Matthews Band, providing comfort to all.

The Challenge

As a lifestyle clothing provider, Sportiqe is dealing with a high-volume of broad searches and intense competition for new shoppers in a high-pace, digital environment. This resulted in very broad, untargeted campaigns with low engagement rates as well as a difficult to define organic search strategy. It was obvious that a deep-dive into long-tail keywords with a focus on developing very targeted, high-return rate organic and paid search campaigns was necessary.

During our initial discussions, we were quick to land on a few simple objectives:

  • Increase organic search engine impression share and traffic from targeted keywords
  • Driving higher paid search conversion rates and return on ad spend
  • Develop a real-time reporting dashboard to quickly monitor performance
  • Align paid and organic strategies to maximize the benefits of each

The Execution

Search Engine Optimization

Starting with a deep-dive into the keyword landscape of men's and women's lifestyle clothing brands we were able to build a master list of keyword based on average monthly search volumes, current rankings, competitor rankings and overall competition level. These keywords were then aligned, aligned to categories and products and utilized throughout primary site elements. Through technical optimizations to the site itself we were able to improve page loading times, speeding up transactions, creating an overall improved shopping experience.

Google Search Ads

Utilizing our in-depth keyword research we were to build a strategy which aligned the organic and paid strategy by allowing our paid search campaigns to provide additional coverage on more competitive, higher-value phrases, while our organic efforts focused on lower-intent, top-of-funnel type keywords. Through a complete campaign rebuild which aligned long-tail keywords to their specific products and product groups, we were able to reduce advertising costs, improve conversion rates and overall return on advertising spend.

The Results

A 12-month, year-over-year review of website performance.