Driving luxury home sales through search engine optimization, paid search advertising and website conversion rate optimization.

Camelot Homes

Camelot Homes, founded and managed across three generations by the Hancock family, has provided the kind of personal consideration, attention to detail and luxurious, expert craftsmanship that distinguishes homes built by Camelot from all others on the market. Award-winning design and timeless elements are organically incorporated into every home, with a result that is wholly inspired by the clients they serve.

The Challenge

Due to the global pandemic, Camelot Homes was facing one of the largest recessions in modern history. Not only was the economy struggling, due to social distancing measures, home builders across the country were faced with declining foot traffic, model home tours and longer purchase cycles.

During our initial discussions, we were quick to land on a few simple objectives:

  • Increase organic search engine impression share and traffic
  • Improve paid search advertising lead acquisition costs
  • Optimize the website to improve lead conversion rates
  • Build a data collection and reporting foundation to measure our efforts

The Execution

Foot Traffic Study

Using geofencing technology, we drew a polygon region around each new home development. As prospective home buyers physically entered these regions, we acquired their mobile devices to learn their age, gender, income, where they work, where they live, where else they shop and more. This information allowed us to hone our ad targeting to the top performing demographics and zip-codes.

Site Improvements

Camelot Homes had recently launched a new website built on WordPress. A review of the underlying architecture revealed areas for improvement which would drastically improve page load times, site responsiveness and overall visitor experience. We greatly reduced page loading times through the consolidation of HTML, CSS and Javascript files, as well as the implementation of caching tools and a content delivery network.

Search Engine Optimization

Through an extensive analysis of prospective luxury home buyer search queries, search volume, keyword difficulty and average keyword rankings, we developed a list of high value keywords. Using these keywords, we implemented a site wide keyword optimization strategy which included full rewrites of page titles, meta descriptions, image file names and page headlines.

Google Search Ads

Leveraging the research from our foot traffic and search engine optimization research, we were did a complete rebuild of the Google Search Ads account. Through this rebuild we focused on incremental leads by targeting primarily non-branded keyword searches, focused on our top performing zip-codes, ages, genders, household incomes and in-market audience segments.

The Results

A 6-month, year-over-year review of website performance.