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Digital marketing is a confusing world full of tools, technologies and acronyms that are difficult to comprehend. Knowing where to start and understanding the opportunities that exist to help you quickly grow your business can be the key to longterm success.

Use this top down guide to gain a high-level understanding of how you can build an effective, full-funnel digital marketing program that starts with data and ends with leads and sales.

It All Starts With Data

We'll combine multiple data sources to create powerful,
targeted audiences to activate in your marketing campaigns.

3rd Party

Data Providers

  • Industry Vertical
  • Past Online Activity
  • TV & Channel Viewership
  • Purchase History & Subscriptions
  • In-Market Purchase Segments
  • Lifestyle Traits
  • Interests
  • App Download Behavior
  • Demographics (Age, Gender, HHI)

2nd Party

Log-Level Data

  • Geography
  • Browser/OS
  • Pages Visited
  • Ad Frequency
  • DMA/Market Data
  • Day and Time of Day
  • Creative Size
  • CPM
  • Bid Info
  • Recency
  • Estimated Revenue

1st Party

Your Data

  • CRM Data
  • Site Analytics
  • App Analytics
  • Transaction Data (Online & Offline)
  • Member Loyalty
  • Email & Marketing Engagements
  • Organic Search Queries
  • Customer Feedback
  • User Registration Activity


Take advantage of over 200 data partnerships unlocking access to best-in-class providers, reducing costs and increasing campaign efficiencies by ensuring your ads are being served to only your target audience.

Datalogix third-party database

Amazon purchase intent and customer data

Acxiom third-party database

Experian credit card transaction data

Live Ramp audience targeting and data

Mastercard credit card transaction data

Oracle customer and audience database

Transunion third-party database

Visa credit card transaction data

Innovative Targeting Tactics

We'll serve ads to your target audience across a variety of innovative
and cost-efficient targeting tactics.


Use third-party data segments from top industry providers like Experian and Oracle to reach people based on behavioral signals such as credit card purchases, site browsing, offline shopping habits and more.


Align creative and messaging with third-party websites containing contextually relevant keywords and topics to target your audience as they are consuming content relevant to your business.


Use your top-performing audience lists, such as current customer lists, website visitors, or email subscribers to model lookalike audiences which are used to expand audience reach into new audiences.


Import third-party lists from sales enablement tools such as Zoominfo to target the browsers and social profiles of prospects within targeted organizations through account-based marketing strategies.


Use interest audience segments to target prospects who have an expressed interest in hobbies and activities related to your business such as gym goers, frequent diners, luxury shoppers and more.


Retarget potential customers based on a variety of audience criteria such as cart abandonment, lapsed memberships, cancelled memberships, website visitors, product viewers, people who viewed a pricing page and more.


Hyper-Local Awareness

Leverage the reach and authority of traditional billboards, delivered in a more intuitive, cost-effective and controlled manner through digital billboards.

Hand-selected digital billboards, timed to key drive-times throughout the day, along with a real-time bidding environments ensures you can reach the boards most impactful to your business by bidding on inventory across all major billboard provider networks.

Place varying bid amounts on a variety of boards based on location and time of day - bid more when and where you want to appear more, less where it’s less important but coverage is still desired - and receive reporting on where your billboards are appearing and how often.

digital billboard advertising example
tradition versus digital billboards
billboard advertising in phoenix arizona
traditional advertising services in phoenix

Advanced TV

As your potential customers move away from traditional TV and towards Connected TV devices it’s important that your business is able to meet them where they are.

Unlock television’s performance potential by combining the impact and prestige of TV advertising with a suite of optimization, attribution, and targeting that delivers results at massive scale.

In addition to being able to utilize in-depth audience segmentation and audience targeting, Connected TV allows your business to take advantage of better measurement metrics than traditional TV and leverage real-time reporting so you can focus ad spend on audience segments that actually matter.

television advertising services in phoenix arizona


Ads that are served via over the top devices, smart TV apps and gaming consoles. These ads are shown on full-size televisions and are unskippable.


Ads that play on streaming apps created by TV networks, which require a login to access. These ads are shown on mobile, tablets and desktop devices.

On Demand

Ads that are shown during on demand viewings via set top box apps through a cable or satellite provider. These ads are only shown on a television.

Youtube Ads

Leverage the second largest search engine on the planet to target your audience as they watch keyword relevant video content.

You can reach potential customers where ever they are watching. YouTube Ads uses Google data to match your message to the right people at the right moment allowing you to connect to the people who matter most to your business.

As the second largest search engine, your business can easily utilize your keyword data to align video ads to popular videos based on titles that include your target keywords, video topics related to your industry vertical, or in-market audience segments based on their browsing and viewing history.

how to advertise business on youtube

Youtube Targeting

In-market Audiences

By using In-market audiences, your business can find customers who are actively researching products or services and actively considering buying something like what you offer as they browse pages across the web with embedded Youtube videos, or directly view videos on Youtube.

Topic Targeting

Topic targeting allows your business to target top-level topics of websites or Youtube videos such as fitness, retail, ecommerce, finance and more, to place video ads in front of audiences watching videos related to topics often associated with your business.

Keyword Targeting

By using keyword targeting in your Youtube ads strategy, you're able to target and place your ads in front of videos which explicitly mention your targeted keywords in their video titles, descriptions or verbally mentioned (through closed captions).

Audio & Podcast Ads

Integrate your business into your audiences’ everyday routines in a distraction-free environment, creating a uniquely personalized ad experience based around their interests.

Reaching a device-jumping, on-the-go potential customer can be hard. Adding streaming audio to your media plan makes it that much easier. With access to the largest audio audiences in the U.S. across all major streaming platforms, we can integrate your business into their daily routines.


Catch listeners in between the songs they love, or when tuning in to the latest in streaming talk radio across all major streaming networks, on the platforms and devices of your choosing, with :10, :15 or :30 second audio spots.


Reach listeners as they enjoy their favorite talk radio with pre-produced :30s or 60s ads across selected channels. Or, deliver :10 second pre-recorded sponsorships before and after specific show segments. Hosts also offer up to :60 second live reads natively within their shows.


Align your brand with relevant podcast content, from broad topics to niche, while also staying away from any less-than-savory content. Tap into over 300 exclusive podcasts of trusted, influential hosts, who can help spread your message to your listeners.

Hear Your Business On

Display Ads

Reach your target audience before your competitors with access to over 200 data partners and countless ad exchanges. Place targeted ads directly within the browsers and devices of your target audience as they browse the internet - no matter where they go. These curated partnerships and broad targeting capabilities ensure access to your audience at maximum scale while also securing the best rates on premier inventory.

banner and display advertising services


Use third-party data segments from top industry providers, like Experian and Oracle, to serve ads within the browsers of people based on behavioral signals such as credit card purchases, site browsing history, offline shopping habits and more.


Align banner ad creative with major third-party websites and serve targeted ads on articles in topics that are key to your audience as they are reading or watching content that closely aligns to your business and their interests.


Leverage your SEO and PPC keywords to expand your keyword coverage by serving ads on third-party websites containing your top-performing keywords. Keyword targeting allows your business to reach your audience before they perform a search.

Social Media Ads

Reach your potential customers where they are spending the majority of their day. Any social media platform, any time.

Every one of your potential customers is on social media. All of them. But competition is fierce and there's not much room for oversight. Through social media ad platforms, we'll build extremely targeted audience segments based on customer interest, behaviors and activity, and use these audiences to drive real customers at a fraction of the cost of your competition.


Utilizing the wealth of interest-based targeting available on social media platforms, target users based on businesses they follow, things they discuss, items they share and links they click.


After visiting - and abandoning - your website, retarget your abandoned website traffic wherever they go, across any social media platform and deliver personalized ad experiences to bring them back to your website.


With extremely effective customer matching, customer and prospect lists can imported into most social platforms for matching to their social profiles for personalized ad targeting and measurement.


With access to and in-depth experience running full-funnel digital advertising campaigns across all paid social media platforms, we can ensure that we stay in front of your target audience, no matter where they are spending their time.

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Paid Search Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC)

search advertising on google providerEveryday, tens of thousands of potential customers search for businesses like yours. Winning in paid search (ppc) isn't about who has the biggest budget, it's who has the winning strategy. Using deep-keyword research and competitive analysis, we'll develop a strategy that ensures we're showing up at the top of the most important and competitive searches for your business.

A winning paid search strategy focuses on non-brand keywords, allowing your business to enter the consideration set of potential customers searching products or services you offer, but don’t yet know who you are. These searches drive incremental, first-time website visitors at scale, increasing your reach into your total addressable market.

Additional investment is made into brand specific terms to protect the searches you’ve already won, and keep competitors from appearing on top of your hard earned results.

paid search marketing services

amazon search and product advertising

advertise on microsoft bing ads and pay per click

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