Hey everyone,

I just wanted to take a second and welcome you all to an exciting new piece of my life. That is of course, DallasMcLaughlin.com.  As any of you who know me in real life know, Amy and I recently packed up and moved 1,600 miles across the country to Phoenix, AZ.

Let me explain myself…

If you know that, that means you also know that I’ve been on a bit of a “pursuit of happiness” for the last year. About 12 months ago I had in front of me an excellent pending job promotion. It’s one of those things a younger me would jump at. But this time, I just knew my heart was no longer in it. So, I laid out my best sales pitch, brought it to Amy and she told me to follow my heart and she’d support me 100%. The next day, I quit my job managing the Kahler Grand Hotel with no real plan in sight.

Now to say I had no plan is a bit of a stretch, of course I had a plan. I owned Digital Avenue, Rochester’s only true home recording solution. It had kept me busy for close to 8 years and I knew I could scale that and continue to pay our bills off the income that generated, especially with an extra 50 hours a week to work on it.

But I knew that wouldn’t be enough.

I locked myself in my basement for 7 days and nights, and with $28 I created Five.Oh.Seven. Clothing. Almost 11 months later, this little seed has blossomed into a monster. Moving from it’s Southern Minnesota roots (and target demographic) to almost every state in the country, and even a few other countries.

So much for having no plan.

Now as I sit here and write this, I have moved away from Southern Minnesota. A place that I once held near and dear to my heart and wanted to do everything in my power to “put on the map”, I no longer have the same love for. Now, instead of love and passion, I am left with a nagging feeling of a city that thrives in desperation and negativity. One man’s success leaves him an outcast, while others negativity, rallies them together.

Something I will never understand.

Now, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is time for a new chapter in our lives. My family and I are planting our roots firmly in the desert and we’re proud to call Phoenix, Arizona our home.

After only 1 month away from a place I planned to spend my entire life, I can already feel my quality of life, and our relationship going through the roof. There is something to be said about living in a place where people are free to do as they wish without drawing the ire of 100,000 people.

Oh, and 350 days of sunshine a year.

So this next (professional) phase of my life will be focused on growing my personal brand. I feel that in the coming years, personal brand equity will be much more valuable than a product I sell, or a company I work for.

I will continue to launch and scale my personal projects – it’s just what I do.

Most importantly, I want to spend time with my family. I want to reconnect with them. I want to take time to get to do the things we love together. I’ve learned in the last year that no matter how hard you work, how many successes you have, how many hardships you experience in business, none of it matters if at the end of the day there is no one left standing by your side.

So, stay tuned. I’ll maintain this blog both as a way to express what I am doing professionally, what I’m doing for fun, what the family is up to, and whatever else I feel like writing about.

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