Here’s the second round of show notes. Just to catch anyone up who missed yesterdays post. These posts will be nothing but a cut and paste of any show notes I outline prior to a recording of Let’s Talk Business Radio. I’m not going to edit these, spell check, or flesh out any ideas as these are basically just “flash cards” for the show. With that said…

Using Video to Fuel Social Media Engagement (Episode 14)

  • Facebook Videos vs. YouTube Videos
    • Page Admins have either option
    • Videos drive ‘LIKES’ but not ‘SHARES’
    • Facebook videos = 40% higher engagement rate
      • Not only available in posts, but also the pages Video Gallery so users can interact with it any time in the future
    • Facebook is easier to consume on a mobile device
      • You can play right in app versus getting kicked out to Youtube
    • Facebook video posts CANNOT be shared outside Facebook
      • Score one for Youtube. A YouTube Link can be shared on any network.
  • Ideas for video content
    • Formal interviews in advance with key figures in your market
    • Casual, impromptu interviews at events
    • Video product reviews.
      • Ie) eCommerce clothing store showing how a product can be worn and with what accessories.
    • Testimonials
    • “Behind the scenes”
      • At the office
      • At a photo shoot
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