Show notes for my social media segments on Let’s Talk Business Radio episodes 16 & 17.

  • Everyone has a unique story, no matter how many competitors you  have
    • If you experienced resistance on your way to launching, tell that story
    • Tell the story of your founder
    • Go behind the scenes
    • Where does your product come from? How many people are involved in the creation?
  • Story telling is a major advantage to local retailers
  • Major companies (and people doing it wrong) rely heavily on selling on social media
    • Sell, sell, sell, sell, give
  • Tell a story that creates organic buyers
    • Give, give, give, give, sell
  • Your brand voice
    • Your brands personality
    • Let your community develop your voice
      • How are they voicing their feelings?
      • Speak their language on their terms
  • Stranger > Friend > Buyer > Sales Team
  • Tell the story start to finish and then some
    • Landing on your web site (discovering)
      • Type face, color scheme, web site layout
    • Browsing products
      • Keep consistent narrative
    • Checkout
      • Not just a stale shopping cart
    • Auto-response e-mails
      • Craft friendly, and engaging e-mails
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