• the-newspaper-is-dead-jpg-600x288Every network has defining characteristics on how to communicate.
  • Just like you tell a story different on TV, Radio, and Newspaper. Every social media network requires a different manner of story telling.
    • Disrespect the platform and lose.
    • Pinterest: Hi res images, short descriptions. Step-by-step instructions.
    • Instagram: Less focus on hi-res, more focus on personal.
    • Vine: Humor now – education later
    • Snapchat: Personal, behind the scenes
    • Facebook: The PITCH is dead. PERSONAL is alive.
    • Twitter:  Engage and find context.
  • TV, Radio, Newspapers = Distribution
  • Social Media is a living and breathing platform.
    • 2-way communication is key.
  • DO NOT
    • Post 3 words and link to somewhere else. That’s distribution.
    • Use “publicize” plugins on your blog to post your excerpt everywhere. That’s distribution.
    • Copy and paste across all networks. That’s distribution.
  • DO
    • Take the time to respect the platform you are on and writing engaging copy to to grab that audience to steer their attention where you want it.
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