I came up with a bit of an interesting idea today. You should know by now that I have a small segment on “Let’s Talk Business Radio” Monday through Friday. While the show is mostly ad-libbed, I do atleast come up with a small outline for each show. We don’t always get through the entire outline, and sometimes we end up off in left field.

Until now, I’ve been typing all of these notes up, printing them and throwing them in the garbage at the end of the day.

But I feel like there is a value here. While the note sheets are incomplete, and nothing but fragments and cues for me to know where to steer the conversation – it may spark something in you. Because of that, I want to give you these outlines to do with whatever you want. I’m going to be posting each days show notes right here as often as I can, starting right now.

Show notes for Episode 13

Handling customer complaints and problems on social media

  • It will happen. No matter what.
  • When a customer complains you should feel good.
    • Now you know what happened.
    • Now you can fix it.
  • In 2000 a customer would tell 6 people what happened. Now that same customer has the potential to tell hundreds and thousands, and potentially go viral.
  • “Someone said I suck on Twitter, ‘I hate social media!’”
    • This mentality is what scares people away from social media
      • The complaint/conversation will happen with or without you “on social media”.
      • You have the opportunity to provide a platform to corral those complaints (and respond to)
  • Prior to social media this happened “behind our backs”
    • Social media gives an opportunity to see it and adapt your business strategies
  • Fix it. Go above and beyond. Make a story out of it. Make a customer/advocate for life.
    • “Earned media”
      • Ie) Grocery shopping for a customer to say thank you. It’s insane, but the news would eat it up.
  • If you’re tracking conversation about your brand (you should be) and someone consistently praises you – GIVE BACK!
    • Imagine the surprise on their face to be asked for their contact info to send them a gift.
    • Customer service on the offense – not waiting for a problem.


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