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I’m going to work harder at keeping a presence here at DallasMcLaughlin.com. In the mean time, I’ve on to a lot of exciting things! One of them being a Monday through Friday podcast radio show that I was fortunate enough to be asked to fill a segment in. The name of the show is “Let’s Talk Business Radio.” From their web site….

In the Let’s Talk Business Radio series, Troy Warren lays out some very specific and actionable systems/processes that any business owner can put to immediate use to grow their customer base and bottom line profits. We invite you to have fun as co-host Michael J and Troy deliver golden business nuggets that will have a positive impact on your long term business profitability.  In addition, we’re excited to introduce Social Media tips by Dallas McLaughlin, Email Marketing tips by Willie Crawford, and great legal tips to save your business from harm.

I’ll be posting the links here as soon as they are available. The first episode is up and you can find it right here! Take a listen to the whole show and be sure to let us know what you think. If you’re short on top and you’re just looking for the tech tips to grow your social media presence, fast forward to the 30 minute mark!

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