Recently during one of my “Let’s Talk Business Radio” segments we were discussing the big ‘C’ word – Creativity. Where does it come from, how to learn it, how do you use it, etc.

I was flattered to have my head inflated by the host of the show, Troy Warren. The example that Troy was quick to use was my infographic resume. Until now, I never even thought to share my resume. Who does that? Well, I’m going to…

The whole purpose of my move from Rochester, MN to Phoenix, AZ was to reach that next level. By next level, I am referring to going from where I was salary wise (self-employed) to have an opportunity to grow my personal wealth to almost unlimited proportions. At the same time, I needed to find the right fit for me. I didn’t want to be a cog in a corporate farm punching in, punching out and collecting a paycheck. I needed an opportunity to express my enthusiasm and leverage my creativity.

Not only was I interviewing for a job, I was also interviewing the job to see if it was right for me. When you can look at things from that point of view, all the big scary “interview stuff” disappears.

One very important piece in this whole process was developing a resume that embodied who I was, what I was capable of, and something the hiring manager couldn’t help but read. I knew a lot of companies wouldn’t “get it”, but as I stated in my radio segment, that was the point. If they didn’t “get” my resume, they certainly wouldn’t “get” me.

Instead of being a sheep and filling out hundreds of black and white, bullet pointed resumes, I created a piece of art. Atleast, that’s what I call it.

I’ve attached the resume here. Check it out. Steal the idea and use it to land your job. Hell, if you want, just ask and I’ll give you the PSD files so you can steal my artwork and just punch in your information. Maybe if I’m really in the giving mood, I’ll do it for you. I got what I needed out of it, why not share?

Download the PDF Here. (Right Click > Save As)

Dallas McLaughlin Resume Page 1
Dallas McLaughlin Resume Page 2
Dallas McLaughlin Resume Page 3
Dallas McLaughlin Resume Page 4
dallas mclaughlin signature - Dallas McLaughlin
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