The internet knows everything.

The internet knows exactly how many Facebook followers you have. Same thing with Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and all of the rest.

The internet also knows exactly which of those followers are sharing your articles. Spreading your message. Amplifying your ideas.

The cool part is, so can you.

So what if, instead of producing content for the masses, you narrowed in on the audience that matters the most? The ones capable of taking your content and helping you break through the noise and spread.

See, bloggers and social influencers don’t have impact because they have a lot of readers or followers. They have impact because who their followers are.

Once you identify which of your followers matter the most and focus your energy on creating content personalized to them, then the virus of your idea will begin to spread.

Having big ideas and great products is nice. But understanding the key people in bringing those ideas and products to the rest of the world is better.

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