One trend I’ve noticed in my experience of working with various business types and sizes is the lack of one key person who can manage the conversation across departments, partners, agencies and freelancers. A quarterback of sorts. Someone who is in tune with the business’ objectives and goals, has a deep understanding of the skills required and possesses the ability to consistently coordinate all of the partners inviolved. With digital marketing quickly becoming the largest marketing investment businesses are making, having this centralized resource is key in maximizing the digital investment.

Agency Oversight

To put it bluntly, I know where agencies hide their dead bodies. With close to ten years of agency experience including working in, contracting with and utilizing agencies while in-house, I’ve gained the insight of the questions to ask, when to push agencies, when to trust them and most importantly what to expect. This, along with a deep understanding of the local agency landscape, makes me a great consultant when the time comes for your business to vet a new agency or challenge your current agency.

Digital Auditing

Sometimes you just need someone to look at what you’re doing. Whether it’s a paid media plan, email marketing campaign, your social strategy or any combination of digital marketing tactics, I absolutely love meeting with business owners to discuss what they are already doing. Through this type of collaborative thinking comes fresh and innovative ideas to implement across your business.

Freelancer Database

Many businesses find themselves paying overpriced full-service agencies for individual services. Having worked with hundreds of extremely talented people over the years I’ve amassed a database of personal, trusted connections who I’ve worked directly with. This gives me the unique opportunity to connect businesses with individual talents to provide agency level work at freelancer prices.

Influencer Database

Much like freelancers, I’ve grown a database of local social media influencers through my work with businesses of different sizes, industries and needs. This allows me to hand select from previously vetted influencers and deploy their services however your business needs. By managing the conversation from the start all the way through measurement, I help businesses easily deploy this new form of marketing across their business.

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