Written September 17, 2013

I typically avoid watching and or reading the news. Frankly, because in all of my time on this planet I’ve never turned on the T.V. and heard, “Good news today!” when the news starts.

But every now and then, I’ll catch something that makes me think, “Wow, that’s actually really cool!”.

Case in point: The Voyager 1 flying into nothingness, or as the scientists call it “Interstellar space”. Interstellar Space is what lies beyond our solar system. Apparently.

The Voyager 1 has been in flight for 36 years.

Think about that. Nearly four decades ago, some geek working at NASA thought it might be a cool idea to explore what’s beyond anything we’ve ever known. Maybe stop by Jupiter or Saturn en route.

So this geek and his team built a a machine and waited. Waited a really long time.

And you thought the idea of quitting your dead-end, cube farm, steady paycheck job to pursue something you’re passionate about was a crazy idea…

Maybe it is a crazy idea. Maybe it’s the same overwhelming feeling of needing to create something that this NASA scientist felt. Just on a different scale.

Maybe the most crazy idea is not quitting that job of yours.

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